Wednesday, April 9, 2008

From Sandy Anton

I worked at Steep ‘n Brew for several years beginning in 1995. Cosmo put up the chairs at night in exchange for coffee. He was a constant source of entertainment and he became a great friend. He always would take coffee from me, but he occasionally believed that other workers were trying to poison his coffee. I remember going to his apartments (across from Amy's and then upstairs from Amy's), seeing a cross floating in the sink with candles around it, a fridge full of milk, his record collection, and his closet full of leather clothes.

After leaving Steep ‘n Brew, I would see Cosmo at St. Vinnies. He would ask me for fashion advice about leather jackets he found. I remember one time he asked my opinion about a women's leather jacket with large shoulder pads inside it. I don't think that he bought it.

I would also see Cosmo at my daughter's preschool, a Methodist church on the west side. He worked there once a week, taking out garbage. He loved to talk with my daughter: he called her “granddaughter.” She was a bit afraid at first-but she was slowly warming up to him. Last time I saw him, I was pregnant and he was so excited about the new baby. Unfortunately, he'll never meet her.

Cosmo had many nicknames for me: daughter, Melissa Manchester, baby, pumpkin, doll. I will miss hearing them all. He was truly a wonderful man and will be greatly missed.

Sandy Anton

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