Saturday, April 12, 2008

Capital Times Story

Katjusa Cisar's well-researched Capital Times article provides a lot of new perspective on Bob: from his supportive family, his case manager Annie McGuire and even his psychiatrist, Bill Knoedler. Knoedler told her:
He was a truth teller. He also was a performance artist--he didn't play or sing music very well, but his presentation was great. . . . He taught me to be kind. He was always more concerned for me than I was for him.
I remember meeting Comso's mother back in the early '90s and had the best impression. She certainly knew how to love him and accept what he was. I wish some of his other family members, like his nephew Thomas Johnson, would eventually take some time and write me about the Bob they knew.

Cisar does make a couple little mistakes regarding me. For one, I'm not teaching in Thailand, but in Taiwan. No matter: it's a common mix up. Her article is well balanced and gives us all some new perspective on the man we will miss.

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